Absorptive Concentration

During absorptive concentration air loaded with the volatile organic compounds (VOC) is introduced to a cleaning liquid and taken by it. During multiple absorber steps the air is cleaned to a desired limit value and the liquid is loaded to a maximum with the VOC. The liquid is released from the VOC in a desorption column and can be reused again for cleaning of the air. During the regeneration (desorption) the cleaning is liquid heated and got into contact with a small air stream. The VOC moves from the liquid to the air and enrich it. By this procedure a high concentration of VOC in the desorption air can be achieved.

Figure of the absorptive concentration


  • Higher concentration compared to alternative methods
  • Resistant against dirt, dust and adhesive substances
  • Spatial and temporal separation of absorption and desorption is possible

Applications and limitations:

  • Recommended at high volumes with low VOC concentration, > 100,000 m³/h, < 250 mg/m³
  • Boiling point VOC > 80 °C
  • Waste air has to be free of acids and oxidants

Contact us without obligation with your key data for the exhaust air to be cleaned. We would be happy to plan and implement your exhaust air purification system using the absorptive concentration process.