VOC converting into electricity

Generation of electricity from VOC takes place in a burning chamber of a microturbine where containing exhaust air together with further additional fuel is oxidized.

The remaining time within the microturbine is too short for a fully oxidation therefore a catalyst reaction is added. No further heat is required in this fine purification because the activation energy for the catalyst is given by the exhaust air of the microturbine. The oxidation of the VOC in the burning chamber creates heat, which is used to drive a generator with the microturbine to generate electricity. Die heat from the exhaust air of microturbine and catalyst is used to create steam or heat up liquids like water or thermo oil. Also heating of air is possible as a method of heat recovery.


  • Purification of exhaust air with Return of Investment (ROI), Improvement of the Carbon Foot Print
  • Comply with all legal limits
  • Integration into internal media supply possible
  • Low space requirement, low weight
  • Simple structure low maintenance
  • Microturbine without air purification can be used as cogeneration unit

Applications and limitations:

  • Recommended at low volumes with high VOC content: 1,500 – 9,000 m³/h, > 5,000 mg/m³
  • Not possible for SiO2, halogens, Phosphor and Sulphur
  • Temperature = room temperature
  • 3 shift operation is recommended

Contact us without obligation with your key data for the exhaust air to be cleaned. We will be happy to plan and implement your exhaust air purification system using the VOC conversion process.