Recuperation / Thermal Oxidizer

The recuperation or thermal oxidizer is one of the oldest and most established technologies on the market.

The technology based on that the VOC and an additional fuel are fed into the burning chamber where they are oxidized at > 700 °C. The resulting hot air is transferred to the heat chamber to heat chamber again to pre heat it. Furthermore, the heat is used externally to heat water, thermo oil, air or generate steam.


  • Proven and robust technology with low maintenance
  • Robust against SiO2
  • Good purification performance
  • Low space requirement, low weight

Applications and limitations:

  • For low exhaust air volume and high concentration, recommended: 1,000 – 30,000 m³/h, < 10,000 mg/m³
  • Only in case of heat recovery economical

Contact us without obligation with your key data for the exhaust air to be cleaned. We would be happy to plan and implement your exhaust air purification system using the thermal oxidation process.