waterwin® -Evaporator

Evaporation is a thermal technology which is used to transfer a liquid solution into gas.

The waterwin® Evaporator is a multi stage forced circulation vacuum evaporator with external heat exchanger.

A multi stage vacuum evaporator consist of several evaporators which are connected in line. The solution, which has to be concentrated flows through the evaporator and is concentrated from stage to stage. The first evaporator is heated with steam. The following evaporators are heated with exhaust vapors of the upstream evaporator.

Because of the vacuum the boiling point of the liquid is reduced significantly. At the last evaporator the vacuum is maximum compare to the smallest vacuum at the first evaporator. Due to this it can be assured that the difference in temperature between liquid and heating steam is sufficient.

The advantage of a multi stage evaporator that with every further stage the amount of steam almost half.

Contact us without obligation with your key data on the waste water to be treated. We will be happy to plan and implement your wastewater treatment plant with the waterwin® evaporator.