Quality for Earth,
Water and Air.

Taking on responsibility.
Developing solutions.
Changing technologies.


Because unpolluted ambient air contributes to our well-being and performance.

The quality of ambient air is a decisive factor for our well-being. A healthy indoor climate is characterised not only by air humidification but also by the lasting guarantee of air that is free of bacteria, fungi and legionellae.

AirQuality impresses with air quality in healthy indoor climates – through filtration and purification, humidification and dehumidification as well as through the air conditioning of the indoor air.

The worldwide multi-patented filtration technology has been used successfully in industry for many years, be it for the humidification of ambient air or for the humidification of supply air in the vicinity of industrial coating and production processes. Fine dust can therefore be filtered in addition to providing constant air humidification. AirQuality has been further developed for healthy air conditioning in smaller areas and private households. We ensure the perfect hygienic quality of the ambient air in indoor areas with the innovative solution.